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IRD Director’s Message

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Sokh Heng

Despite the advancement of urbanization and development, the forests of Cambodia continue to play an important role in supporting economic growth and in eradicating poverty.  The Royal Government of Cambodia has put emphasis on conservation and restoration in charting its economic development, and in tending to the increasing threats of climate change that could exacerbate the meager livelihood in the countryside.

Undeniably, the country is facing a great challenge in dealing with the rapid decline of the forest and in restoring its condition, which involves a complex process due to the presence of competition and conflicting demands of its resources. Even though the forestry sector has responded through restoration, deforestation and degradation still continue to outpace the given efforts.

Because of this, the IRD is tasked to find appropriate SFM schemes that will support forest restoration. And with the use of research and technological development, the success and efficiency of the on-going forest management projects and activities will be achieved.

To date, the Institute has made significant achievements in forest R&D. The IRD website will provide a host of scientific information that can be of used and/or satisfy the public’s interest.